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The physicians and staff of Wadsworth Pediatrics have been providing quality health care to the children of Wadsworth and the surrounding communities since 1994.

Our physicians have close ties to the communities they serve. Drs. Oehlenschlager, Reynolds, and McMillen graduated from Wadsworth High School, and Dr. Blair graduated from neighboring Norton High School. Dr. O'Connor has spent her entire medical career in Medina County. They bring a hometown commitment to the area together with their knowledge and experience in Pediatric Medicine.

We emphasize preventive care for children and teens through regular well check-ups, good nutrition, and developmental assessments to help your child achieve optimal health. We are able to handle most medical problems that arise. If necessary, however, we have access to pediatric sub-specialists in Northeast Ohio.

Wadsworth Pediatrics provides care for all children from infancy through adolescence. Our practice, however, is currently only open to newborns seen following discharge from the hospital. Newborn care is available to babies born at Medina General Hospital.

If you choose to deliver at another hospital, your newborn will be cared for by a pediatrician based at that hospital and we will see your child at 8-12 days. Until that first appointment, you can contact our office with any questions or concerns.